Rowans Pet Parade

01/07/2021 8:00 am - 30/07/2021 3:00 pm
Sheep Pet Parade

Pet Parade Finals

We’re delighted to announce our Rowans Hospice Pet Parade Finalists. We were amazed by the number of paw-fect pet pictures we received and it was a real challenge for our judges along with Pet Parade Supporters, Cosham Pets and Country Pets Hayling Island, to decide. Thank you so much to everybody who entered.

The Finalists have been chosen and now it is your turn to decide which pet to pick as the Winner.

Choose your favourite Pet Parade Pic below!

Vote for your Purr-fect Pet!

Check out the Finalists in the Rowans Pet Parade below, who have all been judged on character and charm, but only you can decide who will be crowned Pet Parade Winner by casting your vote for your favourite pet on our official Pet Parade Poll.

Finally, not only do the purr-fect Finalists want your votes, they have each pledged to raise £250 or more for Rowans Hospice Charity on their personal JustGiving page. Once you have voted, if you are able, please make a donation to support their fundraising efforts.

The Poll will stay open until 15:00 on Friday 30 July 2021 and the Pet Parade Winner will be announced later that afternoon.


Pet Parade Finalists


A black cat called Angelo wrapped up in red Christmas tinsel.
Angelo, or ‘AngiePange’ as he is also known is owned by Gracie Pick. Doesn’t he look very festive wrapped up in his Christmas tinsel?

Vote for Angelo here.

Donate to Angelo’s JustGiving page here


A picture of Thora, a white and grey cat who is peeking out from a blanket fort
Thora the cat, owned by Melissa Randle, loves to play in her fort, but is keen to (gently) defend from tickling hands!

Vote for Thora here.

Donate to Thora’s JustGiving page here.


A black furry dog called Lettuce, sitting up
Meet Lettuce, owned by Lucy Thomason. Our judges thought this was a wonderfully unusual name for a dog!

Vote for Lettuce here.

Donate to Lettuce’s JustGiving page here.


A picture of Bella, a white dog, sitting down and poking their tongue out.
Bella the dog, owned by Ruth White, looks so happy sitting patiently, maybe she is waiting for a treat. Our judges loved Bella’s friendly smile with her tongue out.

Vote for Bella here.

Donate to Bella’s JustGiving page here.


A picture of Tom, a white and ginger cat, laying back on the sofa looking very relaxed
Tom, owned by Sarah Byles, looks extremely relaxed and chilled out laying here on the sofa. Our judges thought Tom was probably waiting for a scratch.

Vote for Tom here.

Donate to Tom’s JustGiving page here.


A photo of Mia the cat, hiding inside an old fashioned diving helmet.
Our judges loved this photo of Mia, owned by Vivienne Doonan. We had always thought cats didn’t like water, but it looks like Mia is ready to go deep-sea diving!

Vote for Mia here.

Donate to Mia’s JustGiving page here.


A photo of a dog called Peanut, a sausage dog, sleeping on a blanket with a yellow flower on his head.

How adorable is little Peanut here? Such a cutie fast asleep on the rug. Peanut is proudly owned by Charlotte Cleverley.

Vote for Peanut here.

Donate to Peanut’s JustGiving page here

A4 Poster Pet Parade


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  • Rowans Pet Parade
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