Yoga provides a powerful mind-body technique to help manage stress and anxiety and build physical, mental and emotional resilience. In the session, I hope to give you a taste of how making a little time each day or week for yoga may help you to greatly increase your resilience and maintain balance in your lives.

We will explore how yoga can increase your sesnse of embodiment, increasing your ability to be more at home in your body in the present moment and to feel all its sensations, whether physical or emotional. You will experience an ability to identify inner needs, and some ways to tend to them appropriately, using practices that increase our ability to self-soothe during difficult or stressful times. We will also experience how yoga can help us increase our awareness of our personal reasons to stressors, and how they manifest physically.

During this session, we will explore the theme of ‘moving slowly, bringing the mind into the body’. We will practice simple yoga asana (postures) using slow, deliberate and gentle floor based movements focusing on anchoring the mind in the sensations of the body. We will use breath awareness throughout, and finish with a short pranayama and relaxation to finish.

About your session leader: Paula Dixon

Hi, I’m Paula Dixon, a British Wheel of Yoga teacher who has been offering yoga classes and 1-2-1 sessions in Wickham, Bishops Waltham and other local villages since 2010.

I aim to share my love of yoga with others in my classes, offering practices suitable for everyone to help manage the physical and mental stresses and strains of our often busy lives.

My interest in yoga started when I was a child and practiced yoga with my Mum, and read all the books on yoga I could. I have studied and practiced with many teachers since, finding the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga to be the perfect foundation and support for life.

In 2017 I qualified as a Somatic Exercise Coach. Somatics is a neuromuscular education. It’s a way of teaching your muscles how to relax and how to stay that way, helping us recognise and release unhelpful postural and movement habits and patterns which become ‘stuck’ in the body. Like yoga, Somatics is a form of mindful movement where we seek to develop internal awareness.

Many other interests inform my teaching. For example, I worked for several years in hospital rehabilitation settings, primarily stroke rehab and general elderly rehab, supporting the work of the physiotherapy teams. I also studied Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine for 4 years with the European Shiatsu School along with Qi Gong.