Resilience – It’s more, much more than typical self-care

Compassion – It’s more, much more than a big heart

Talk of resilience has become commonplace. Yet, few easily describe what true resilience means or how to be resilient at home or work. Further, resiliency can seem out of reach or unachievable when in the midst of cumulative stress.

Simplistic notions of compassion are also commonplace; carers should have a big heart is the presumption. Carers also need assertiveness, courage, persistence, and perspective. Quality medical care at home or hospice is much more than big heart care.

In this practical session, discussion of resiliency and compassion will be related directly to commonplace AND taxing situations of cumulative stress. Implications for individual, team and interactions with patients and families will be emphasised.

About Ted Bowman

Ted Bowman is a trainer/educator who specialises in change and transition, whether it occurs in families, an organisation, or the community. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ted is also an adjunct professor at the University of Saint Thomas School (Social Work since 2006).

Ted has published more than 100 articles, chapters, booklets and poems. His two booklets, Loss of Dreams: A Special Kind of Grief and Finding Hope When Dreams Have Shattered, are extensively used for grief and bereavement care.

Ted first came to England in 1989 for work. His work continues with hospices (adult and child), with Cruse Bereavement care, and with assorted other settings.