Building on your passion for compassion by making music on the harp.

Anybody can make a lovely sound on the harp straight away and no previous musical experience is needed.

Self compassion builds resilience, we need to be kind and supportive to ourselves when things are tough. Sometimes that means taking time out for yourself, and being in the moment.

On your own harp, join Alice in an ancient tradition of cyclical music as she guides you through the three Noble Strains of Celtic music.

Through the cycle of Celtic music, you will have the opportunity to journey through the three emotional states that the circle can bring: happiness, sadness and relaxation. This helps promote catharsis and wholeness.

We need to be able to laugh, cry and relax to be resilient human beings and we can use music to support us in this and to build our resilience.

Bring along any poems, mantras or prayers that you would like to share while others are playing.

About your session leader: Alice McGarvie

Alice completed an MSc in occupational therapy (the art and science of living well) in 2013. As an occupational therapist, Alice is dual trained and experienced in physical and mental health. She has experience working with a wide range of clients in various settings including mental health, dementia, learning disabilities, visual impairment and neurological conditions in hospitals and the community.

While at university, Alice wrote her MSc dissertation on her experience of Flow and Mindfulness. Flow (Csikszentmihalyi 1990) is the sensation of getting so absorbed in the activity that you forget what else is around you, while Mindfulness has been described as really taking notice of the activity that you are involved in. For Alice, this activity was playing her harp.

In 2016, Alice completed a harp therapy course, leading to accredited therapeutic harp practitioner status by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. Alice also has a diploma in group sound therapy from the British Academy of Sound.

Alice founded From the Harp in 2017 and delivers 1:1 and group harp therapy in the community and at health care settings. Alice also gives community gong baths, using gongs and other therapeutic instruments for relaxation.

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