Dr Gemima Fitzgerald is the Director and Founder of Thrive Clinical Psychology and Resilience Consultancy Ltd. She has developed expertise in resilience.

Her doctoral research focused on how resilience is developed after experiencing adversity. She designs bespoke workshops and training events on resilience, and is fast developing an excellent reputation for promoting change and development.

Her training helps support people cope with difficulties in both their personal and professional lives. She also helps people to learn from their experiences, as well as identify and tap into their inner resources.

In 2015, Gemima gave a TEDx talk, in which she shared her personal experience of domestic abuse and explored what enables human beings to survive, recover from, and even thrive after, adversity. Her aim was, and still is, to help people develop a sense of meaning in their personal story and resilience for their journey through life; with self-compassion and acceptance.

Gemima’s doctoral research focussed on how resilience is developed after experiences of adversity and this remains a strong interest for her. Since giving the TED talk, Gemima has received requests to speak in a wide variety of settings and work with people across the UK who want to enhance their resilience. She will give an updated version of this talk at the conference.